We have been implementing projects since 1994. The projects cover multiple disciplines such as Electrical, Civil, Low-Cost Housing, Smart Electrical /Water, and Revenue Enhancement projects.

Here are some of the Projects that we have successfully completed:

  • 500 Houses with Services in Joe Morolong Local Municipality
  • 1850 Low-Cost Housing Units for Ventersdorp Local Municipality
  • 550 Low-Cost Housing Units for Gamagara Local Municipality
  • 300 Low-Cost Housing Units for Kgetleng Local Municipality
  • 550 Low-Cost Housing Units for Ditsobotla Local Municipality
  • 183 Electrical Distribution and Metering Infra-structure project for Gamagara Local Municipality
  • 2380 Smart Meters for Vryburg Local Municipality
  • 9753 Smart Meters for Postmasburg Local Municipality
  • Smart Off-Grid and Energy Saving Solutions for Postmasburg LM
  • 520 Smart Meters for Elundini Local Municipality
  • 500 Stands Serviced with Sewer and Water Infra-structure for Lekwa-Teemane LM
  • Revenue Enhancement and Smart Payment Platform for Vryburg LM
  • SmartSan Toilet Construction in Joe Morolong LM
  • Borehole Re-initiation for Postmasburg LM

These projects clearly map out our experience and determine the direction of our future. The total value of work completed amounts to more than R 1,8 Billion.