With collective development and solution management experience of more than 80 years, no problem or challenge is insurmountable. The CEO, Mike Marais, has extensive experience in Civil Engineering, Project Management and Solution Management and is the driving force behind Ocular Consulting. His vision is to install and instill revenue enhancement principles and thinking in businesses and Government departments.

We understand the municipal environment and specialize in core revenue enhancement solutions and principles. Municipal political insight and a community-driven approach, together with an understanding of systems and laws, drive our commitment to present solutions and make us your perfect team to resolve current challenges. Furthermore, we actively promote and implement green systems to effectively reduce your carbon footprint.

We are an extremely dedicated team that believes that all solutions are result driven and payment for services are directly connected to achieved goals and results. All our current projects have impacted positively on our clients’ revenue situation and we have influenced their long-term goals and smart thinking positively. Our dedication to Smart Solutions is unconditional.