Revenue Enhancement and Solution Management Experts

Ocular Consulting implements smart solution management that assists clients to resolve challenges in revenue flow and turn-key development synergies.

Why You Should Do Business With Us

We specialize in helping clients from the Private sector and Government-owned entities. We help protect income streams, implement innovative smart solutions and maximize profit. Before any project is initiated, we complete a feasibility study that indicates positive enhancements – in rare cases where we cannot enhance cash flow with our solution management, we will not recommend, nor motivate, the initiation of any project. In short, the enhanced revenue flow after successful project implementation must cover the cost of the project.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of proper planning and SWOT analysis.
  • Cash income streams are not protected.
  • No debt recovery system and plan in place.
  • Lack of quality systems and proper process control.
  • No expenditure control plan.
  • No independent professional input and supervision.
  • Manual systems as opposed to a smart self-governing system.
  • Lack of capital revenue and monthly cashflow to implement new projects and proper maintenance plans.

Core Solutions

We always seek out the best possible method to solve your business challenges.

Individual presentations on core solutions, as well as more detailed information, are available on request. Please contact us for more information. We are always there to assist and to make your project a success.

  • Smart Metering Systems
  • Municipal Usage Reduction
  • Account and Asset Management
  • Smart Payment Platform
  • Construction Management
  • Bulk Smart Metering Systems
  • Active Smart Debt Collection
  • Expenditure Control
  • Funding
  • Turn-key Development Management

Company Background

Ocular Consulting was established recently, in 2018, to manage the collective processes of various affiliated companies and resources on a performance assessment and management basis. This process was introduced to assist managers and resources to function at 100% efficiency and ability, as well as to establish professional accountability.  All resource companies are therefore managed by Ocular Consulting and all professional accountability and management rest with Ocular Consulting.


More than 80 years of collective experience.


Started implementing projects since 1994.


More than R1,8 billion of completed projects.