Core Solutions

Smart Metering Systems

The implementation of Water and Electricity Smart Metering at end-user points to ensure a 100 % collection rate on all services provided and utilized. Our system is already operational in various areas and Municipalities and we have achieved a 100 % functionality rating after extensive testing of system capacity. The operating system for the smart meters is written and licensed by our local companies and is not imported software. This effectively allow us to adjust and adapt the system to South African conditions and to adapt the system to every Municipality’s or Client’s needs. At Municipalities where our system is operational, we have achieved a 100 % collection rate. The meters are also completely remote manageable and genuine smart rated and compliant, with several anti-tampering protocols.These systems ensure that all income streams are protected and controlled.

Bulk Smart Metering Systems

The installation of Bulk Smart metering, for both Water and Electrical, on all bulk supply points and Zone entry points will ensure that accurate supply figures can be used to determine supply line load/flow balancing, in turn providing accurate technical line loss data. Using this data, point to point services line repairs can be done, targeting specific technical loss areas, effectively reducing technical losses to less than 10 %.

Client Usage/Expenditure Reduction

We also actively target our client’s usage points, such as property consumption, Street and High mast lights and Treatment works, and present solutions such as Energy-saving, Solar and Load Balancing protocols. These solutions will effectively reduce the service provider, such as large Businesses and Municipalities’, own consumption and with that their overhead costs. All usage is also accurately measured and controlled.

Real-time Smart Debt Collection

With our Legal team, we incorporated a smart, system integrated, debt collection system on all conversion points at end-users, to implement a debt repaying system that is fail-safe and legally compliant.

Account and Asset Management

Our system also incorporates Customer Database Cleansing, Asset Geo-tagging, Assets logging and Account Management protocols. This streamlines the Clients/Municipal accounting system, ensuring that no asset is not recorded, also accurate asset logging and location determination ensure electronic accounting integration.

Revenue Control and Enhancement

The system will also automatically control expenditure accounts on Water and Electricity, effectively assisting the Municipality to enforce accurate billing and payment to Bulk suppliers of Water and Electricity. The accurate measurement and consumption control will effectively reduce the expenditure on Bulk Provision Accounts. We also assist Clients to optimize their systems to incorporate Net Metering and wheeling agreements on electricity supply, thereby eliminating Line feedback losses.

Smart Payment Platform

Our systems also use an integrated Smart Pre-paid Payment and Vending Platform (SmartPPS), using a Controlled Pre-paid Electronic System to ensure the payment of all service costs through an electronic wallet system. Pre-paid payment accounts included in the wallet system are Rates & Taxes, Basic Services Levies, Debt Repayment, Metered Water Usage account and Metered Electricity Usage. This priority payment system will ensure that the Client/Municipality collects all payments due on a pre-paid and infallible collection system.


Due to the fact that our system is approved by Government, used in pilot projects and achieved 100 % on functionality tests, we can assist Municipalities to acquire donor funding from relevant departments and also have access to additional Back-to-Back private investments for the funding of projects.

Construction Management

We manage and control all construction-related activities, irrespective of the value and size of the project. This includes legal conformance, such as EIA, Engineering, Health and Safety and Legal compliance. ensuring no comeback or non-compliance for the client.

Turn-key Development Management

We specialize in turn-key developments, from procuring and securing land to final hand-over.

Process and Quality Control Systems

We provide a consulting service, assisting Clients to implement Process Control systems to streamline their business principles and operational health. We also assist Clients to implement Quality control systems that is beneficial to operational effectiveness and the prevention of revenue losses due to non-conformance.

Individual Presentations on Core Solutions, as well as more detailed information, are available on request. Please contact us for more information. We are always there to assist and to make your project and your business a success.